• Winter Tyres

    When the Temperatures fall below 7 degrees C, normal Summer tyres begin to stiffen and become less flexible. Winter tyres remain supple and provide much greater levels of grip.
    The following prices quopted include Fitting, Balancing, Tubless Valves and the VAT charge !!!! The price quoted is the price you pay.

    NANKANG SNOW SV-3 ... 195 \ 65 x 15 91T Total price only £68.00
    AVON ICE TOURING WV7 ... 205 \ 55 x 16 91H Total price only £83.00
    KUMHO WP71 ... 235 \ 45 x 17 97V Total price only £125.00

    The above stock will be subject to availability.

    This is an 'Early Bird' offer and will be treated on a first come first served basis.... so Order now to avoid disappointment. 

    This is just a sample of our stock, all other sizes available, please phone for a quote.

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